Why I Photograph

This comes straight from the heart and has not been cleared by any marketing professional or copywriter.

I want to express here why I photograph.

The gift I give to my clients is the warmth of my heart and spirit. My energy is focused completely on you and your love and the love of your families and friends. I think about you and feel you from the moment we meet to the day of your event and beyond that day. I am living in the moment with you on that day. I am inspired by your energy and being.

I photograph because of love.

The images I create, while beautiful, will only gain their truest value in time. Years later when you look back, you will see your investment paying you back in spades. That captured moment when your father looks at you for the first time in your wedding dress or your father sees you for the first time in the talis his father work, when you see the man or woman you just promised to walk side by side with for all of your days.

And, in truth, when you look at your images, I want you to remember me: That you intentionally chose me for my gift to record your life passage and that your feelings are fond with the knowledge that I gave you the fullest expression of my gift in your images.

That is why I photograph. For you and for me.

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