I want my clients’ wedding images to tell their own beautiful story of their day, their history and their families’ histories. I listen to my clients carefully to hear their vision and then I translate that vision through my own eye to create artistic and original images that will live with them forever. The images I create become part of my clients’ memory, part of the river of their life. At each wedding, I feel so fortunate and trusted to be invited to step into their river for a short time to show for all time “this is how it was that day.”

What I do for my wedding clients, I also do for all of my other clients whether it be for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or a family reunion. Weddings and other family events are all part of the river of life’s flow.

From my MA in journalism at the University of Texas at Austin I learned how to tell a story. From my art photography education at the International Center of Photography in NYC I learned how to tap into the deep reservoir of my heart and soul to express what I see. My art work has been shown in three NYC galleries.